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    All News: 46
    Syspro ERP is Product of the Year Finalist 18.06.08
    SYSPRO is a supplier of visionary ERP for the industrialized pragmatist. SYSPRO software has been titled one of five finalists for Channel Insider's 2008 Product of the Year in the category of ERP. For SYSPRO this title is another one great honor. The finalists were chosen by a Channel Insider group of specialists founded on seller nominations of goods in twenty-six categories, counting ERP. Selected products must have been released or considerably advanced last year. Value Added Resellers will make choice and determine winners in every category. The winners will be declared the third week of April.
    Previous year SYSPRO added all-embracing functionality to the software of ERP throughout all fields Manufacturing, Distribution and Financial. Besides innovative customization abilities and new components were added. The great quantity of technologic improvements comprises a new user interface which is adjustable and flexible and allows consumers to adapt the product to fit their requirements.
    Besides SYSPRO revealed:
    SYSPRO Reporting Services: reporting instrument of the next generation which integrates version of Crystal Reports XI;
    The second component in a set of three Inventory Optimization solutions created to get better trade forecasts and control Lean Manufacturing principles;
    SYSPRO Projects and Contracts that offers more efficient operational control and income optimization abilities to the companies of middle-market;
    Electronic Signatures to confirm operators as transactions are being developed.
    The inspiring listing of SYSPRO characteristic improvements expands all through the product from enhanced financial visibility and extended multi-site managing to exact organization and price of co- and by-products. Supplementary functionality in the traceability of objects supports the SYSPRO offer precise vertical place markets such as pharmaceutical, medical device and electronic producers.
    Todd Perlman (Principal with Business Technology Partners) mentions that he is not surprised that SYSPRO has been chosen as a finalist in the 'Product of the Year' category. He has been supporting this product for about 12 years and has observed the company evolve into one of the fullest ERP application in almost every aspect. The corporations devotion to its consumer base is very stimulating. This devotion is noticed at all stages from initial stage support to growth to the top managers. Todd Perlman also adds that SYSPRO has kept on the top edge of technology while maintaining the core product functionality. He underlines that they are distributing a best of breed application.
    SYSPRO is a wise and well-thought approach to implementation of innovative technology, for instance web services and SOA platforms. It reveals the needs of its purchasers who are interested in realization of business goals. This demonstrates SYSPRO's strategy of helping to make things easier and to enable its consumers to succeed.
    About SYSPRO
    Since its beginning in 1978 SYSPRO has been distributing high-tech business solutions to several worlds most important corporations. As a worldwide leader in the creation of first-rate ERP software, the company provides more than 12,000 certified corporations in more than 60 countries. SYSPRO is promoted internationally with the help of local territory distribution centers and a worldwide reseller system in the UK, Africa, Canada, Australia, Asia Pacific and the US.
    SYSPRO is a completely incorporated business software solution that offers total control over the organization and scheduling of all aspects of business counting manufacturing, bookkeeping and delivery operations in different fields of industries.

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    What's the Value of Online ERP? 17.06.08
    Some people think that online software can make business computing less expensive and complicated. But price and ease of use are not so significant if the software isnt efficient for this particular business. At the moment this is one of the issue that faces corporate-technology managers. Even people who support online software frequently are not able to get software that suits their requirements. It goes without saying that this is very significant for businesses. The regular member of staff doesn't make out how the software that facilitates the job is delivered, and majority of staff simply dont trouble. Peter Young, vice president of information technology at biotech firm MedImmune Inc. says that personnel just want software to work. Mr. Young and other tech leaders note that efficiency of software for particular field of business determines their tech-buying choice. All the above mentioned causes challenges to online software. Previous year online-software firm NetSuite Inc. released a successful primary public offer and other huge time-honored software corporations (for example SAP AG) are also venturing into the online-software field. Supporters of online software mention that this kind of product is cheaper and easier to realize than traditional software as you neednt to buy any tools or to write codes. But in spite of this fact, online software accounts just near 6 percent of business-software vending, or something like 5.1 billion dollars as a market analyst at the Gartner Group reports. He also mentions that this sector is increasing hastily 21 percent from 2006 to 2007 though it began from a tiny base. Until now offered online software is more suitable for less-complex commerce tasks, for instance organization vending leads or automating some human-resources employment, that have the widest achievable consumer base. Its not so easy to discover online software that copes with the tasks as organization of a supply chain or crunching financials that is extremely different in every sphere of business. But it is expected that these offers will be materialized in some few years. But not always a business can wait. In 2005 the company Boon Inc. (maker of goods for kids) decided to advance the system and it used to take orders, track inventory and manage accounting. Ryan Fernandez, a leader of Chandler, Ariz. Company requested his tech expert to classify the five best options. The catalog included corporations that vended traditional software and online software. At first Mr. Fernandez preferred online ERP, but soon understood that he needed to be in control. It was important for him to observe the way things were functioning. At last Mr. Fernandez acquired traditional ERP software from Exact Holding NV's Exact Holding North America Inc. But still many tech leaders are attracted to online ERP software. The chief operating officer at Olympus NDT, a division of Olympus Corp. also agrees that online software is a better way. He is a fan of online software, he has been implementing NetSuite's management software for the past six years. He either likes the fact that he shouldnt install new versions of the software every few years. NetSuite modernizes the software on its Web site so that consumers can have access to the latest version automatically. But later he chose traditional software from Infor Global Solutions Inc. Despite of his believing in online software, he considers that the most important question is the product going to meet our needs.

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    Telelogic Aims to Improve Collaboration, Enterprise Planning and IT Implementati 14.04.08
    This article is dedicated to innovative solutions aimed at helping corporations to apply planning information for better decisions and efficient application improvement.
    On January 24th Telelogic solution provider has released several technology improvements targeted at helping different kinds of companies to improve their commerce planning and realization projects. According to the solution provider words, for the purpose of enabling international group partnership, strengthening ERP abilities, and giving power to organizations to develop IT solutions that will help to achieve their business aims were created lately integrated solutions.
    Among the company's latest publications are the newest releases of Telelogic System Architect, its project structural design and commerce analysis solution; Telelogic Tau, a model-driven development (MDD) solution for enterprise IT development; and new incorporation between the two solutions.
    The Telelogic Company expands its offers in the field of enterprise architecture, business optimization, business analysis and IT realization either for service-oriented architecture (SOA) or more conventional surroundings. The tactic of Telelogic Company is to enable a greater circle of people inside of business considering enterprise architects, business analysts, IT developers and executives the possibility to take more active part in the enterprise architecture-to-IT process.
    The executive vice president of the Modeling Solutions Product Division at Telelogic, Greg Sikes said that their clients could employ innovative possibilities to realize effectively the potential influence of realizing their strategies. Greg Sikes underlined that the goal of Telelogic is to improve cooperation, planning and analysis to enable all the members of the team inside of the organization to have admission to quality information for coming to a cleverer and well-thought decisions about developing to a more optimized state of operations.
    All-purpose partnership is extremely significant to corporations searching to optimize fulfillment all through the enterprise. Last Telelogic investigation held at the 2007 Enterprise Architecture Conference shows that majority of teams dont possess the effective implements to transition from business, managerial and IT planning to the operation of important services and information systems. Just 27 percent of those reviewed use a model-based approach, at the same time most of respondents noted that they use verbal or written techniques to transform business aims into increase strategy. Consequently 80 percent of all respondents narrated that the applications and services that are evolved "only somewhat" reveal the wants of subject matter experts.
    With the help of System Architect and Tau, Telelogic tries to advance the ability either for technical or non-technical employees to attain the best possible resolution by means of taking part in every segment of the enterprise architecture and application development practice. Traceability is sustained from original business aims and necessities to realization to support in a better way company fulfillment and future degeneration analysis and audit. Utilized services and technologies reveal the existing business necessities and purposes and can be accommodated to altering business requirements.
    System Architect has been advanced to promote all-purpose partnership with the addition of a live incorporation among System Architecture and Microsoft's Visio drawing and diagramming software. With System Architecture 11.0, Telelogic also launches enterprise planning abilities by adding visualization and time-based classification and analysis. Besides, System Architect 11.0 supports the UML 2.1 standard, and this solution was incorporated with Telelogic Tau, Telelogic's environment for the model driven development of enterprise systems and software, to propose bidirectional enterprise architecture to IT workflow realization. Extra developments have been made in Tau 4.0 to support necessities engineering and the product's support for the model-driven SOA improvement.
    To conclude, at the moment System Architect 11.0 propose incorporated support for numerous federal protection standards, counting the Department of Defense Architectural Framework (DoDAF) v1.5, the Core Architecture Data Model (CADM), the architecture data element specification, and the DoD Architecture Repository System (DARS), a defense repository.

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    What solutions does skiwear brand choose? 05.02.08
    According to G4 Analytics (business consulting company) and TXT e-solutions (international experts in Demand and Supply Chain Management for the Fashion and Apparel industry), a leading trademark of high-end skiwear, outwear and clothing Spyder Active Sports will utilize TXTDEMAND for its claim and competence planning solution. For the realization of this software will be responsible G4 Analytics, the North American partner of TXT.
    Kevin Smith, the Chief Information Officer of Spyder Active Sports, said that their company was very much impressed by the proficiency of TXT in their market space of active sports and outdoor wear. He noted that profound understanding of demand planning and procurement sourcing was apparent at once. TXT demonstrated a remarkable grasp of the technology itself, and besides of the whole process, understanding the way to optimize it. Kevin Smith underlined that with rapid development of Spyder Active Sports they realized the significance of ERP implementation to advance their business. They considered lots of different solutions and made up their mind that TXTDEMAND was the most suitable system to satisfy their needs and besides it would be a platform for future development.
    TXTDEMAND is a division of the TXTPERFORM SCM set which supplied corporations with demand planning solutions covering forecasting, sales budgeting, purchase planning and merchandise planning. With TXTPERFORM, consumers attain enhanced service levels and a better reaction to market demands with minor inventory levels and therefore a decrease in operational funds. Besides TXTPERFORM contains TXTPRODUCT for PDM, TXTCHAIN for SRM, TXTPLAN for Production planning and TXTDRIVE as the workflow management and analytics component.
    Richard Hall, the Chief Executive Officer of G4 Analytics, mentioned that Spyder Active Sports is an international leader in ski contest wear with many top World Cup and Olympic skiers as consumers. He also added that Spyder has an extended history of product innovation and understanding of their customers needs.
    Richard Hall concluded that with such serious consumers Spyder Active Sports has need of the maximum quality and performance from both their goods and vendors. Thats why they are privileged that Spyder has chosen G4 and TXT. Jointly G4 and TXT will be focused on giving them both technology and best performance to attain their aims. Richard Hall made an accent on the fact that they were so elated that such an innovative association like Spyder Active Sports had chosen them. It was marvelous that Spyder distinguished TXT e-solutions and TXTDEMAND as the ideal solution to sustain Spyders challenges in dealing with the difficulty and dynamicity of this particular marketplace.
    Spyder Active Sports modernized ski clothing in 1978 with a padded slalom sport shirt designed "for racing, by racers." Nowadays it is the most popular and the best selling ski brand name all over the world. Renowned for combination of high-tech production, fashion and function, Spyder products are the choice of the US Alpine, Canadian Alpine and Canadian Freestyle World Cup Teams.
    As for TXT e-solutions it is a worldwide leader in Strategic Enterprise Solutions and connected proprietary software, particularly Demand & Supply Chain Management and Content Management. TXT is headquartered in Milan, Italy, and has agencies all over Europe and the US.
    As for G4 Analytics it is a market leader in analytics for Consumer Products corporations. The corporation focuses on helping organizations enhance the return-on-investment for both selling and supply chain activities.

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    Epicor is releasing Q4 earnings on Feb 7 05.02.08
    Epicor Software Corporation is a principal supplier of ERP software systems for the middle market and more than 1000 Global companies around the world. Epicor is releasing its earnings on Thursday, February 7, 2008 at 1:30 p.m. Pacific Time.
    At a conference call will be discussed the full-year and fourth quarter results. During the call, Epicor also presently plans to talk about its continuing acquirement of NSB Retail Systems PLC, which is expected to close on February 7, 2008.
    Epicor is a worldwide manager dedicated to supplying integrated ERP, CRM, SCM and PSA software solutions to middle market corporations and separation of the Global 1000.
    Epicor Software Corporation was founded in 1984. It provides more than 20,000 consumers in more than 140 countries, giving solutions in more than 30 languages. Epicor utilizes innovative service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web services technology, so it distributes nonstop, industry-specific solutions for manufacturing, division, retail, hospitality and services that allow corporations to make greater than before effectiveness, advance performance and construct competitive benefit.

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    UK companies give thumbs-down to ERP 16.01.08
    According to the government, UK businesses dont implement ERP systems.
    Results of research say that only 6.5 percent of 8,000 business organizations used ERP software in 2006. Another researches show that less than a third of all UK corporations (30.2 percent) are inclined to be implementing ERP software.
    Gartner research director Chad Eschinger noted that implementing of ERP software in UK was lower than expected but was probable to be in line with other technology mature countries and markets.
    As for the United States, the greatest infiltration of ERP software is in the top 2000 businesses by size, which we estimate to be closer to 95 percent plus penetration, Eschinger said. As we move down in size of enterprise the revenue and penetration trails off significantly by the lower end of employee size. If I look at our research, which applies revenue by similar size of company bands worldwide there are similar percentages.
    The ONS investigation discovered that CRM systems had been implemented by a superior percentage of organizations. 11.1 percent of them said that they realized CRM to distribute information inwardly. 10.9 percent of them implemented CRM software to maintain external marketing work.
    In bigger organizations with more than 1,000 human resources, near 42 percent were realizing CRM software, while prejudiced statistics show that among all UK business organizations about 35 percent have implemented CRM. Unweighted information illustrates that small firms with between 10 and 50 employees are realizing considerably more use of CRM software than ERP software, where infiltration is just 3.8 percent.
    The investigation demonstrates considerable use of free of charge open source operating systems, for example Linux, which is implemented in bigger organizations, with 29.4 percent of business firms employing more than 1,000 employees going down the open source route.
    Among all the business organizations investigated, 6.3 percent confessed that they implemented open source. That fact means that among all UK business organizations more than one fifth 22.6 percent - are now implementing open source operating systems.
    The ONS statistics cover personal segment organizations. Ministers have lately confessed that the government does not know how much open source operating systems it realizes, despite a 2004 pledge to avoid "lock-in" to proprietary systems.

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    Microsoft tries to end ERP disorder 16.01.08
    Microsoft Company is evolving a general system base for all of its Dynamics ERP applications. Thanks to that innovative common code base Microsoft will be able to release new editions of the software more rapidly, therefore it will be more convenient for consumers to choose this or that application, said Kirill Tatarinov, vice president of Microsoft Business Solutions.
    The division controls the Dynamics series of products, which contains ERP applications such as GP (previously Great Plains), SL (previously Solomon), AX (previously Axapta) and NAV (previously Navision), the same as the company's CRM applications.
    Availability of common code base will enable applications to share identical user interface and controls, such as now are shared between AX and NAV, Tatarinov said. The common code base will also include database functions, APIs (application programming interfaces), business intelligence capabilities and communications technologies that allow VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol) and immediate messaging, he said.
    Microsoft Company studied a lot of things about ERP systems after acquisition Great Plains Software in 2001 and Navision in 2002, Tatarinov said. He also noted that Microsoft ERP product should be different for every market, as businesses have
    Users won't ever see a single Microsoft ERP product for all markets, since Microsoft realizes that businesses have different wants. Nevertheless Microsofts consumers, participated at Microsoft's Convergence 2007, uttered some bewilderment about different product series.
    Lars Jalve, financial manager for Transas, an organization that creates navigation tools for vessels and managing harbors, confessed that he didnt understand the reason why Microsoft had released such a great quantity of different products.
    As for Transas itself, it implements the NAV product. Still Lars Jalve supposed that it would be easier for consumers if Microsoft had just one ERP product and then offered components with diverse functions that clientele could acquire independently according to their needs. He added that a product such as AX, which is meant to huge enterprises, might have functions that would appeal to people who are on ERP packages aimed at mid-size businesses.
    Hans Grappi who is a leader of project management for a waste disposal company in Switzerland, admitted that his company is interested in Microsoft ERP software, but the product set is too wide. We cite his words: "You can get lost in all of the different elements.

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